Installation Instructions (English)

Step 1 Step 2

Step #1

Remove your laces from your favorite pair of athletic shoes. Feel free to donate your old, outdated traditional laces to a charity of choice, or give them to your closest competitor who is in need of a sponsor.

Step #2

Lace up your shoe with your new EZLACES as you would with a traditional lace. Adjust lace tension to suit your personal preference. Please note that EZLACES are tipped with a special curved ends to ease lacing!

Step 3 Step 4

Step #3

With the EZLACES lock text facing up, firmly press and hold the release button of the EZLACES lock with your thumb, while threading each lace through the lock. NOTE: As indicated in the picture, ensure that the curved tip of each EZLACE curves inward around the lock center support to ensure easy insertion!

Step #4

Ensure both EZLACES are properly threaded through the lock. Don't worry, step 3 and step 4 are only done once!

Step 5 Step 6

Step #5

While pressing the lock button using your thumb, tighten the EZLACES to achieve a snug and comfortable fit on your foot. This step should be performed while the shoe is on your foot to ensure proper fitment before trimming the lace to length!

Step #6

Your EZLACES should now fit comfortably on your foot, and are ready for installation of the end clip. Some shoes have lace eyelets which are not used during casual wear. Please ensure and adjust lace pattern to your preference before trimming the lace to length.

Step 7 Step 8

Step #7

Thread the EZLACES through the end clip as shown, and slide the end clip up towards the lock to prepare for step 8.

Step #8

Using a pair of sharp scissors, cut off the ends of the EZLACES at, near or slightly below the bottom lace loop. Allow enough length to provide adjustment but keep short enough to prevent a trip hazard.

Step 9 Step 10

Step #9

Slide the lace clip down the laces so that approximately 5/16" to 3/8" (8mm to 10mm) of the lace end are within the lace clip. Fold and press firmly to permanently lock the lace clip onto the laces. Please ensure that the correct length is within the clip before attempting to close, otherwise the clip may not hold sufficiently or you may experience difficulty closing the clip.

Step #10

Your EZLACES are now ready for use. The end clip may be left dangling for casual use, or tucked under the second or third lace crossover for high intensity sports. ENJOY YOUR NEW EZLACES!


Do you need to remove your EZLACES end clips? An instructional video is available at: